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The Calypso Kings.
the calypso kings Imagine if you will
the sound of guitar and
island conga drums wafting through
palm trees as turquoise water laps the white sand.

This is the sound of The Calypso Kings.
Calypso, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Buffet, Samba, Limbo and more...

This music will brighten any occasion!

The Calypso Kings can be stationary or mobile, strolling through the crowd with their instruments.

Big Bob Scoggin Band.
Big Bob Scoggin The Big Bob Scoggin Band plays blues and oldies. 

We've performed on the legendary Beale street in Memphis, casinos in Las Vegas, and of course all over the Midwest!

We have a CD which is 3/4ths original music entitled "King Size".

The Dixie Boys.
dixie Go " Up a Lazy River" with the Dixie Boys, and say hi to "Sweet Georgia Brown" who lives on "Bourbon Street". These songs and more will put you in that happy New Orleans mood. The banjo and horn are perfect for outdoor Summer gatherings!

I also perform as a unique, non-electronic one-man-band. This is a fun and affordable way to have rootsy live music. Since there are no computers  or tapes involved in the performance, I can be spontaneous with requests.

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Give us a call: Bob Scoggin. tel.: (612) 521-4596.
or email: